Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So, Lee Beth over at Love the Life That You Live tagged me to post about six things that make me happy...normally i'm really happy but i'm getting frustrated because i'm trying to google an award (in order to win it for of one of the positions i hold at work ) and i just can't find it anywhere! this will be a nice distraction!
1) SPARKLES. not lying, i'm sure you could ask anyone at work and they would annoyedly agree (sparkles and the military don't really go together, unfortunately). i looove sparkles and glitter and just shimmery things in general so much - i feel like a raccoon. the other day i spotted a piece of glitter in someone's mustache and creepishly enough it made me so happy to talk to him even though i really didn't care about what he was saying at the time. unfortunately it probably also made him think that i had an unhealthy obsession with his mouth, but we won't worry about that, now will we?
2) New music. don't you love when a new song comes on the radio and you sit in your car to hear the whole thing and then make a note in your blackberry to download it later? [listening to jason derulo's 'whacha say' on repeat, can't wait for the music video.] or when you have the best song stuck in your head and you don't even care because all it does is make you want to dance!?! (also another thing discouraged while in uniform, sigh)
3) Straws. any drink is sooo much more delicious through a straw (except beer). it doesn't smudge your lipgloss, it won't stain your teeth (it's actually better for them because the sugars o whatever you're drinking spend less time in your mouth!) and it's something to do when you're talking to someone look a lot more like you're paying attention when you can still make eye contact over your glass, as opposed to when all they see is the bottom of your cup.
4) BOYS. enough said. i am so immature this is embarassing.
5) People in general. i would waaay rather be waiting in line at the grocery store then be at home alone watching TV. i hate being home alone - i always feel like there's something more productive i could be doing (like standing in line at the grocery store, obviously).
6) Kindness! soo cheesy, i know, but what makes your day more and makes you want to be a better person then seeing a random act of kindness performed by someone? I was at Costco talking to someone near the ATM, and a woman came up to us and asked if we'd seen the man who used the ATM before her - we were both like no, sorry...except then I did see him and i pointed him out to her, and she ran over to him and gave him the $20 bill that he had accidentally left in the cash slot. She found a twenty dollar bill in an ATM and hunted someone down to return it. She didn't just look around and then pocket it, she actively asked other people around to track down this man in order to return his money.

Yayyy Lee Beth thank you so much for tagging me in this! Just remembering this story has made my day a million times better!

Also, my current to - do list that I have posted next to my computer at work (it's supposed to keep me motivated, right?)
Get [military qualification] qualified
- I have explored the jewelry at Tiffany as motivation.
Weigh 133 pounds
- I have signed up for the SlimFast website. We're also competing in the Biggest Loser here at work and i have $50 riding on it (winner gets $ case you can't tell there are only 3 people competing lol)
Get [next military qualification] qualified
- yup, more
Win MWR Award
- the award I was searching for when I stopped to blog. oops.
Get [major military qualification] pin
- have to jump the other two hurdles first. goal date - december?
Pay off all debts
- heh. we'll see about this one. deployment should be helpful.
- ya, another 'we'll see' one.

Have an awesome day everyone! I am really going to try to blog and comment more - we've been incredibly busy at work and our internet connection isn't the best, but what better way to develop a portfolio then to freewrite, right?

ETA: wanted to say thanks again to Tamela over at A Brunette Making it One Day At A Time for tagging me with the Honest Scrap Award! My first award yay!!!


Carrie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I can't believe how many people have been supportive of the new meme. :) It really makes my day.

...and about the creeper-ing. That made me laugh. I don't mind a bit, but be warned, some of my old posts are rather silly. I didn't have a clue what I was doing at first. ;)

Tamela said...

ah glad your back! I have been wondering where you went!! You're very welcome for the award!

Lee Beth said...

Glad you had fun. And the the part about the guy with the sparkle on his mouth is really funny.

jean hsu said...

the army!! wow girl!! u are hardcore. i am liking the goal setting! also really jealous of the boys you have been meeting. Even if they havent 100% worked out, atleast you are meeting people!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING.