Friday, August 14, 2009

the end of overeating

i bought the end of overeating at costco before we went on this underway (out to sea) period because a friend had mentioned it to me. back when i first started becoming a little weight/food obsessed (right around when i read skinny bitch), i did a ton of research on compulsive eating and why we like foods that aren't good for us at the university library, but the primary result was me becoming a vegetarian. the end of overeating goes above and beyond that - after the first four chapters explain the 'why' behind why some people compulsively overeat, it creates a series of rules that promise to help limit overeating. basically, to stop thinking of food as a 'reward' or thinking of it as a 'treat' or something you 'deserve'. instead, food is simply fuel. there is bad food if you know that once you start eating it, or once you open the package, you won't be able to stop until it's gone. bad food is actually engineered (seriously) to make you crave more of it the more that you eat - your brain really gets happier the more that you eat! how sick is that? i hate the thought of being manipulated by FOOD!

the countdown for my birthday and birthday pub crawl is near - only one week! i'm sooo excited...i bought a teeny bright blue tennis skirt that will hopefully look nice after this 10 day diet period, but i can't decide what to wear with it. i don't want to look too matchy matchy (it's a pub crawl for goodness sake) but i still want to look like i dressed to the theme - i picked it out, after all! i'm thinking maybe heels, a white tank/wife beater/climate-cool top, and a cute white visor? but i don't think i want to wear my hair up!! maybe pigtails? isn't it great when this is the hardest decision you have to make for a week?

i have a board for my first milestone in my goals list tonight at 6pm...going to take a nap till noon and then cram for 6 hours!

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Andee Layne said...

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