Friday, September 17, 2010

an ode to things I love...this may get mushy.

I can't get over how much I genuinely love things when I love them.  I write them love sonnets in my head, think about them before I go to sleep or while I'm driving or having a conversation with someone boring.  I think about them when I'm doing something that's a subpar subsitute for whatever it is I love, I think about them while I'm with/doing/eating other things I love...basically, once you worm your way into my heart, you're there for good.  That being said, here comes the list:

I love:

1) Pretzel M+M's
they're sweet. they're salty. you can crunch them or you can suck on them till you get the pretzel.  the bags are plastic-y, not paper-y, and oh by the way...a whole bag is only 150 calories!!

2) Lean Cuisines
Image Courtesy of:
Okay, so this isn't my freezer (it basically was in college!).  Mine has one half filled with frozen dinners, and the other half filled with bags of frozen vegetables.  I love LC's for a million reasons: the assorted varieties (there are SO. MANY. and there are always new ones!), the ease and convenience, the pre-portioned calorie count-ability, and most importantly, the FLAVOR!  i feel like i'm going out to eat at every single meal, because I can eat exactly what I would order at a restaurant but not feel too full.  My only gripe with them used to be the price, which brings me to my next love:

 image courtesy of:
No, that's not me, and I'm not even sure if it's my Commissary, but that is a great example of the ridiculous size and scope of the Commissary.  I wish I had thought to save my last receipt and scan it for you, but the prices are ludicrously low.  Bags of frozen vegetables go on sale for 2 for $5 at Ralph's, a local grocery store.  At the Commissary, they are always around $1.37.  Why do I know the exact price?  BECAUSE THE COMMISSARY DOESN'T CHARGE TAX.  i rest my case.

4) My car
It's a white 2007 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edition...meaning it has everything I want in a car with the insurance of a much less well equipped vehicle.  Heated light-colored (a must in sunny San Diego!) leather seats, sunroof, huuuuge trunk space...this car could not make me happier if it tried.

5) Crystal Light Individual Packets + my Camelbak Water Bottle
 I know it says to mix them with a 16 oz. bottle of water, but my Camelbak is 24 oz. and those things are still crazy potent.  I drink more water (and consequently use the bathroom more - I consider it fair given how long people's smoke breaks take) than anyone I know.  I have been at work for less than three hours and I'm on my 3rd bottle.  I have four Camelbaks (in different colors, obvi) because I have ones that I don't mind carrying around in uniform (navy blue and kind of a slate gray) and ones that are way more fun for the gym and Lilly (pink and green, of course).  SO happy!

6) My Boyfriend!

Can you blame me?



Peachy Keen said...

Fun list! I'd love the commissary too with prices that low!

Marian said...

Those pretzel M+M's get me every time!!! Best things ever invented

Becky said...

hmmm... i noticed i did not make this list. remind me to pout next time I see you. :)

Screen Door Prep said...

This post made me smile! =) Too cute...(Though I am partial to Reese's peanut butter pumpkins & Weight Watchers Smart Ones myself. ;))

Also, your sweet comment on my stressful series of events made me smile, as well. Thank you for the kindness! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love pretzel M&M's! So addictive! I do love the peanut butter best! :o)

Previously Plump... in progress said...

aw, you're too cute :)
SAd that you're not blogging as much any more, but very happy that you're still checking up on me :) you're one of my favourite commentators by far!

Glad that things are still going well with the BF - do I hear wedding bells in the future?