Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Disney Princess Half-Marathon/Lilly RESORT 2011!

I cannot even tell you which I'm more excited for.  We got the Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2011 linebook in yesterday and I spent a SOLID three hours flipping through.  Every single delivery is full of GORGEOUS pieces, from dresses to Murfee scarves to wedges!  the prints are just beautiful - so many aquas and turquoises, and, of course...pink!  i can't wait until the first shipment comes in...fall, i'm so over you and it's only halfway through September!

And now, onto the Disney Princess Half Marathon...
competition begins in: 163 days, 12 hours and 20 minutes.  I, personally, have only ever completed a 5k, and that was on a treadmill, during deployment.  Regardless, I think that I can do this, especially with Trip leaving for Pakistan for a year and my work schedule being less taxing than it used to be.  therefore, i can be...this:
So using my trusty 'how to run a half-marathon' guide from Self magazine, I've started my 'training'.  Fortunately, it starts with 'how to run a 5k', which, frankly, is just what I need.  The good thing is that there's all sorts of different work outs - some days, it's strength training, some days, it's a Speed 1 workout (warm up for a mile, sprint half a mile, walk half a mile, sprint half a mile, cool down half a mile), and some days, it's my favorite: rest!

on an entirely more boring and unrelated note, i haven't lost any weight and in fact, gained two pounds because of Trip and I's Cabo vacation.  Fabulous.  Hopefully this training will help that out, because Lord knows that my coming to terms with the fact that I am really really loving this whole eating meat while sober and in front of people thing, combined with the fact that Trip has decided (get this) he is going to eat everything he may possibly miss while he is in Pakistan, I have had wayyy too much access to delicious food. 

I'm not going to post my weight, but suffice it to say that I'm getting kind of close to not being able to ride my dream water vehicle anymore:
photo credit: www.skymall.com
the SkyMall Children's Inflatable Sea Doo. 
The closest I will probably get to owning a jet-ski, this puppy maxes out at 155 pounds, but at only $199, it's a reasonable investment for a San Diego resident, concur?

speaking of reasonable investments, I've finally learned to accept the fact that there is no employee discount for this desirable land-transporter:
photo credit: www.lillypulitzer.com

Looks like it's a good thing I'm working on my running, since I won't be able to get around any other way!


Kinsey Michaels said...

Ooh I have always wanted a beach cruiser!
Best of luck to you girly on your 5k, I'm sure you'll do great. It takes time to build up the endurance for a run like that, but I can tell you're motivated! :)

jean hsu said...

ohhh GURLLLL good luck on the half marathon!!! im so proud that you even SIGNED UP (which is more than i would ever do). does this mean u are livin in FL now? and no longer CA?


Screen Door Prep said...

I can blow out five miles no problem on the treadmill, but when my feet hit the pavement, all the wind is knocked from my sails. I did a 5k in the spring for my daughter's nursery school, & I'm training for a 5k now w/ some momfriends. It's one of the many breast cancer runs in October. *This* time I'm doing a good bit of my training *on* actual pavement. =)

However, the Disney princess half-marathon participants look sooo cute! I am jealous!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

That sea doo thing looks so fun!!!! That bike is adorable!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Good luck girl! How fun to run a half marathon in Disney!

And Cabo is definitely worth 2 lbs! Love it there!

Emily said...

Oh my goodness! You did blog about this LOL - well I guess two great minds think alike!!!

***Positively Preppy in Pink*** said...

SO SO FUN that you're doing the Disney Princess half! I totally looked into that one too!!

We'll pretty much be "training" together! Good luck and glad to see you're back blogging again!

Christine said...

After reading this post, I convinced the women in my fam (mom and aunt) to do the disney princess half with me! Sounds like SO much fun! :) So glad I read your blog and found this wonderful idea. Have a fab weekend!

Sarah said...

If you are looking for a half marathon training guide for miles google Hal Higdon. He has different plans for different abilities.