Monday, September 13, 2010

jessica simpson, no0o0o0o0o... + lilly pulitzer fall

i know, i've been MIA for entirely too long.  way too much vacation + new job at public affairs + less income = less blogging.  but fear not, y'all, cause trip is leaving for pakistan and i am going to have entirely too much time on my hands very soon. 
first things first:
jessica simpson?
photo credit:
why??  and yes, i understand the other photos in the article do show off that her legs are still very toned, but that dress? with her curves?  i don't think i've seen a worse fashion misstep since...lady gaga's meat dress: 


i'm sorry i did that to your eyes.  to make up for it, i offer you my personal, full, must-buy recommendation from lilly pulitzer fall:
the adalie wrap dress.
if they made this dress in one million prints, i would buy every. single. one.  and at only $148,  i wouldn't even be in serious debt!  i am not lying, this FLEW out of our store so quickly that some of the girls that work there didn't get one!  i have worn this to an interview, to a rehearsal dinner, AND to a hail and about versatile! 
i also picked up this adorable (and very reasonably priced) shift:
but this is what i'm really excited for:
the shauna tunic engineered...i just looove dresses with sleeves for winter, and this one is still really fun.  we're not getting it at fashion valley, so we'll have to see if my dedication leads me to order it from another store...


Marian said...

Oh yeah, that dress on Jess isn't flattering at all. What made her think she could get away with it.

Annie said...

We've missed you!

Abbie said...

Yikes your stylist pronto!

Very cute dresses that you've got though!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

Hey gorgeous! First off, couldn't agree with you more on the jessica thing, she totally went wrong with that outfit choice. Second, you and your honey are just too adorable! Third off, it has been FOREVER since I spoken with you my long lost friend... this needs to change, asap! hope all is well!!

The Boob Nazi said...

Why doesn't someone teach her how to dreeeess?

Juliana said...

I have been so mia...miss you! Hey, I wanted to tell you also that I never got the giveaway I won last spring....