Wednesday, May 26, 2010

yummy diet foods on a 1200c./day diet, la-la-la-lilly and my groupon obsession

so i don't know if y'all have groupon in your area, but if you do you should DEFINITELY check it out.  here's the link for the San Diego Groupon - i seriously buy gift certificates to restaurants at least once a week.  they have lots of other discounts as well but i'm a total foodie, hence the post-deployment weight gain and subsequent weight loss missive.  
SPEAKING of which i've decided to put my foot (i just spelled foot 'fut' and had to erase it...why would that happen? at what point in my life did i decide to speak german?  anyways.) down when it comes to this post-deployment weight gain thing.  HOW, you ask?  i, alanna, will NOT buy one new dress until i have lost my post deployment weight.  this means that today, i woke up after drinking  three full camelbak sippy bottles of water instead of what everyone else was drinking, delicious wine...all while watching my beloved Bachelorette.

yay me, and yay Crystal Light (and on a slightly more embarassing note, yay Kool-Aid 5 calorie packets as well).  That being said, I woke up this morning at 149.2.  As you all may remember, that is not at my highest (159 during deployment, 152 post-deployment) and certainly nowhere near my lowest (129 while sick, 133 while dieting & working out) and unfortunately, still nowhere near my pre-post-deployment weight gain (142).  Thus, I have devised a 1200 c. a day plan with delicious little substitutions that, so far, feel quite indulgent.
Breakfast: (100cal) English Muffin w/ I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spray butter + a slice of (45cal) 2% Kraft Singles Pepper Jack Cheese, microwaved for 20 seconds.  Results?  tasted like a delicious and seriously indulgent grilled cheese.
Snack: (50cal) Fiber One Yogurt, Vanilla + (37cal) 3 oz. Blackberries (don't worry, I didn't measure, I just grabbed half the container).  Results?  the Fiber One yogurt was surprisingly thick and creamy, and really good - I'll buy it again.  obviously the blackberries were delish!
Lunch: Lean Cuisine Tortilla Crusted Fish with Rice, Poblano Peppers and Corn in a Sour Cream Sauce (290cal) + a (60cal) Frigo Cheese Heads Mozzarella String Cheese
Snack: 2 servings of Baby Carrots (so about 2/5ths of the bag, 70cal total) tossed with Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper seasoning
Dinner: (270cal) Lean Cuisine Shrimp Alfredo + (115cal) SteamFresh Vegetables, Cauliflower and Broccoli (tossed together so LC sauce gets all over my veggies, yum!)
Dessert: (180cal) Peach Cobbler LOFTHOUSE COOKIE!  I love any diet plan that I can make where I can STILL EAT LOFTHOUSE COOKIES!

seriously scrumptious!
So, if all goes according to plan, in only a few short weeks (hopefully a week and a half) seven and a half pounds will be gone, and i will be looking gorgeous in what will be my first Lilly of the 2010 summer:
Daphne Dress Jacquard (don't the stones look like candy!?)
but you guys know me...i didn't manage to survive my first shift at Lilly without picking up a little something - the Katia wrap top!  I've worn it twice already - it's UBER cute and SO versatile:

love it!
and now finally, the bachelorette...le sigh.  so we LOVED Kasey (first photo), despite his clear and distracting speech impediment - he's SO cute!  totally bummed to find out in the preview of the season that he's evidently NUTS.  my pick for overall winner is Chris H. (second photo) - who doesn't want a Ryan Reynolds look alike next to them every morning?  and personally, i also like Jesse (last photo) about y'all?

as a final P.S., my girlfriend has a SATC2 segment on the CW tomorrow morning as she's a personal stylist, and she just invited me (the token redhead) to be her Miranda - while I have a work commitment so I can't attend, you know what else is keeping me?  my weight.  definitely time to do something about it!
 and check out Pink Preppy Lilly Lover's Murfee Scarf Giveaway - amazing and so generous!
and Confessions of a Law School Dropout's newest Emily Giffin book giveaway!


Amanda, another priorfatgirl said...

i hear ya on the groupons! i bought yesterday's AND today's for minneapolis/stpaul. but who doesn't love a good deal?

i'm watching the bachelorette tonight. yum eye candy!

Stephanie Hartman said...

I Love love love Chris H. I hope he wins I think he is such a doll..

Virginia Belle said...

Love Groupon! I am always a sucker for the restaurant and spa deals!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Good luck with the weight loss. I bought the Katia in navy this weekend and I love it!

alanna said...

i LOVE the dress! in fact, when i went onto the lilly website today i was obsessed! but i'm not allowing myself to buy any clothes until i lose weight as well haha...must be an alanna thing!

mFw said...

I love camelback waterbottles! They are fabulous!

Annie said...

Your posts crack me up! I love them! Your new Lilly purchases are presch!!!

Allison said...

Where can I buy a Camelback Waterbottle?? I had one that I loved and it melted in the dishwasher yesterday! :(

DSS said...

Darn girl! That menu sounds awesome, and to realize it's only 1,200c is awesome. Perhaps that is your calling? Designing menues for real people that aren't a combo of weird crap that people don't eat, or don't want to eat. Hmmmm...I'm going to write this one down. Tell us more please :)

katmcd said...

I am currently on the weight loss mission too. Just keep motivated.

and...Chris H all the way.

LifestyleBohemia said...

Thank you for sharing some food ideas for those of us watching our figures. I feel like I run out of good things to eat that are also good for me.

Daily Garb said...

where do you buy camelback water bottles? just saw them on your page and fell in love!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking said...

Hey! Long time no talk! Can I first just stop by and say CONGRATS on the promotion! And those cookies? Um hello.... to die for! And of course, I love the outfits... perhaps "after-baby" items I can purchase. Because right now, there are tons of BABY item purchasing going on. Can't wait to post about it! Hope all is going well, I promise I won't disappear... for TOO long again. :)
have a great weekend!