Monday, May 24, 2010

promotion and the BACHELORETTE!

so 1) despite my chronic claims to not actually be a fan of any television besides 'The Real Housewives of [insert any city in America here-if they made a Real Housewives of Tuscaloosa I'd probably watch it...although in reality I am a little disappointed they haven't done a Houston or Dallas as I could get great hair tips]', I did, in fact, get suckered into watching a few episodes of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette here and there, usually because I was in the room when Becky had it on.    Thus, I am now on the hook for their weekly girls' night viewing of this upcoming season of the Bachelorette.  For some reason unbeknownst to me, my best friends developed the habit during my absence of getting together weekly for their favorite TiVo'd shows and copious amounts of wine.  I, for one, do not see any point in drinking if not to get drunk, so while I wholeheartedly commit myself when I imbibe, I'm a little quizzical about the calorical benefits of weeknight drinking for the purpose of watching a television show that would, hopefully, be interesting enough without alcohol.  Now, being the sweet girls they are, they're waiting until Tuesday to watch the Bachelorette with me (since I work - first night, yay - at Lilly tonight!), so while I'll definitely be there, I think I'll skip my requisite two bottles of white wine.  Speaking of which, C forced me to start drinking wine (and by forced I mean went out of her way to get Diet Sprite for me to mix into it, thus trying to baby step my way into what I'm sure will be a lifetime of overindulgence), and I've found that I actually like some of it.  Not so sure about the alleged worst hangover ever that correlates, but's kind of fun to drink.  Still don't understand why people drink red, though - have these people never done mirror checks afterward and realized what color their teeth have turned?!

2) today is PROMOTION DAY!  that means a balla raise and some new respect, just based on my uniform devices.  check out the bling:
woot woot!  and i got slated into my next job, which will be in Pascagoula, Mississippi, at least until the new ship is built - then it's back to San Diego!  Which I'm toootally psyched for because it means I can really commit to house hunting.  I have to say...I'm not too pleased with what $350k buys these days! 

3) One of my pet peeves...when you start reading a blog that you love and you want to comment, but at the same time you realize that the person may know you, or may know people who know you, and you kind of don't want to lead the way back to your little blog with all of it's honesty, rambling and admissions to shopping for homegoods at TJ Maxx, despite having to take it directly to the storage unit afterward (which, might i add, is looking quite like a little living room - what with my full sized couch, scrapbooking stuff, kitchen table, piano keyboard and 42" TV - if only they didn't have those pesky laws about not actually living in your storage unit, I could hang out there all the time).  

What I really need to do today: 
  • buy groceries (a euphemism for buy diet food so i lose this effing post-deployment weight...hoping that working at lilly and wanting to look adorable in my work clothes will be good initiative)
  • buy iPad (I keep not making it to the mall, which is probably for the better as we're all aware.  also, Trip (the boyf) convinced me to get he logically pointed out, in a month when you're sitting somewhere without WiFi, you're going to really wish you got're not going to be sitting there in your hungover stupor and thank your lucky stars you saved that extra hundred bucks for the bar last night.  obviously he didn't say lucky stars, but you get the picture)
  • go to work at LILLY! so psyched!
  • go over to Trip's to watch Millions...if you haven't seen this, drop everything and put it at the top of your Netflix queue STAT - it is SO. GOOD.  here is the Rotten Tomatoes review: 
  • Synopsis: It is rare that a family film is both visually sophisticated and emotionally nuanced. MILLIONS, the fantastical tale of two British brothers and the large sack of cash literally dropped onto them from the sky, is just that--a multi-layered, majestic feast for both the eyes and the mind. Young brothers Anthony and Damian Cunninham, whose initial response to their unexpected fortune is a Robin Hood-esque spree of charity, have only one week to spend their 265,000 British pounds before their nation switches over to the Euro. Though the premise may seem trite or predictable, unexpected details--including Damian's ability to see visions of saints and the recent death of the boys' beloved mother--add complexity to the story. As the 7- and 9-year-old Cunningham brothers, lead actors Alex Etel and Lewis McGibbon prove to be those exceptional child actors who are appealing without being precious and their understated, mature performances add gravity to a largely whimsical film. Danny Boyle, the director best known for stylishly violent films TRAINSPOTTING and 28 DAYS LATER, might seem an odd man to helm this comparatively innocent movie. However, Boyle's visual and narrative gifts turn out to be perfectly suited to this modern day fable, adding much-needed flavor to a genre that is all too often ignored by cinematic talents
  •  and here, more importantly, is the ADORABLE star [complete with British accent - if you're a fan of Charlie Bit Me then you'll be just as obsessed with this movie as I am]:
and i leave you with promises of boyf & i photos...eventually.   assuming i ever buy that stupid Ipad. 

Have y'all heard of the Sinless Margarita?  Has anyone tried it?  I'm seriously considering ordering a case, given that it was recommended by my favorite diet foodie, Lisa @
and check out my girl Jen @ A Girl in Pearls and a Boy with Toys' Kickoff to Summer Giveaway - feel free to tell her Alanna @ Sparkles and Sundresses sent you!


Marian said...

Big Woot Woot for the raise girl!! Always a fan of the extra benjamins in my pay check:)

And have a fabulous first day at Lily's

Dollface said...

You need to get the ipad!! its soooo awesome, xxxoo

DSS said...

Congratulation on the promotion!! mother totally found my blog through a comment I made on someone else's. Now I feel like I have to watch everything I say :(

Valerie said...

Congratulations on your promotion!!! Love the new bling. And I love the idea of weekly girl get togethers with lots of wine. Especially if it involves watching reality tv!


naresh said...

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