Thursday, January 21, 2010


oh my gosh i am TOO excited...i just figured out how to log into my blogger account IN ARABIC! it has taken me this long for some odd reason (because once we started getting our email server from over here in the middle east, everything switched to Arabic...including Google!). Yay! I can't wait to catch back up with everyone's blogs!

meanwhile, we're still out here in the middle east, fighting the bad guys and defending the freedoms...the usual ;) christmas was uneventful, as was new year's - fortunately i'm used to spending my holidays in the sun! i did have to finally tell off my little marine officer buddy - i'm talking "do not come to my room. do not call me. do not email me. i don't want to be friends and frankly, i'm not comfortable being coworkers. i'm hanging up the phone now, and if i have a problem with you again i'm going to have to tell your supervisor." - tell off! i'll give you details later but gosh! some guys don't get the message!

speaking of some guys, unfortunately received a facebook message from abusive ex boyfriend apologizing and trying to make amends...nooo chance. i wish there was a website where i could warn other girls not to date him.

on a happier note, i am SO obsessed with Stella & Dot jewelry! i have been seeing it in blogs and magazines for a while now, and finally found a friend who was a stylist...of course, as i added things to my shopping cart on her site, i realized i might as well become a stylist, too! lo-and-behold, my new website: ...a little 'after christmas' shopping anyone? it's perrrrrfect to beat the january/february blues and just in time for resort season and spring break!

Starfish Earrings - Silver, $34

Boca Chic Necklace - Coral, $69

How AMAZING would all of this look with the new Lilly that's out? I'll be stocking up immediately! i seriously cannot even PICK my favorite pieces!


Mrs. Bear said...

Those starfish earrings make me so happy... I want them!

Sweet Nothings said...

So i just found your blog, you are so inspiring. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all you do for our country...and i'm glad youve been able to read blogs while over there!