Saturday, January 30, 2010

january 30th is basically spring when it comes to shopping, right?

...i mean, there's no reason i shouldn't start obsessing over beautiful dresses right now, right?
[note, i'm aware that i'm delusional about the weather, but i won't be getting back to dress wearing until april (and if we get extended, may/june) anyway]
BB Dakota Double V Voile Dress, $80, South Moon Under

Okay, looking back at my post from last week, i think i must have a thing for coral this year (probably to balance out all of the turquoise, obviously), which is odd, given that i look horrible in coral since i have red hair.  this will look fab with the following jewelry i have purchased (yes, i sell stella + dot because i can't stop buying it and get a great discount. thank god)

 [sidenote: we just tested one of our weapons systems and i nearly had a heart attack...hearing high powered rounds fired out with no warning is definitely not anxiety-reducing]

anyways, back to shopping...i have another lip gloss recommendation (i know, personally in the summer i'm more inclined to do sheer gloss and then just use bronzer and blush, but since i'm soo crazy fair right now (especially without the help of misting every week and sunless tanner) i like to add color to mah lips, and this stuff looks like i've been eating a cherry popsicle (it also smells like it...i walked up behind someone in the engine room this morning, and he turned around and saw me and said, "i thought i smelled something good!" - this is obviously a good thing as it means that i am associated with good smells evidently, but also a bad thing if it means that i could stand close enough to him that he could SMELL me before he noticed me...what if someone was plotting to kill him?? the guy has to up his observance level!)
so, without further ado, this is from the discontinued jessica simpson 'dessert' line - jessica simpson dessert lip gloss in 'slip' . . . this is don't go out of the lines vibrant, but so flattering and berry-like once it's on.  i personally find it spectacular and apply it nonstop.

annnnnd finally, the best news is i weighed 142 this morning!  i drink a bottle of water (24 oz) every night before bed, so i know that the weight loss isn't just water weight :) we pull into our next port in about a week and a half, and i'd really like to break 140...wish me luck!  a lot of the guys have nothing better to do then work out when we're underway (obviously in addition to our taxing work and watch schedules, haha) so they're ridiculously fit...i, on the other hand, consider all of that free time to be time for eating!  j/'s more like time for shopping...and blogging...hahaha what have i become?

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ETA: i'm ordering that large Lilly 2010 Planner...hopefully it gets to me before i get back from deployment, bahaha...also WHO are those random people who friend you on facebook?  like those ones that you have literally no one in common with?! where do they come from?! how do they get my name?!


Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking said...

I CANNOT wait to wear dresses again! It is basically all I wear in the summer. I might as well sleep in dresses. ha.

In fact... I think I may have to drag my husband to the malls today to start buying some for spring!

Pink Champagne said...

LOVE the coral dress - I can't wait for summer and dress-season to come too! And a huge CONGRATS on your weight loss - such an achievement!

Short Southern Momma said...

I am so ready to wear pretty dresses again! Loving that jewelry too! Hope your having a great weekend! XOXO

In this wonderful life... said...

I cannot wait for spring!!!! I love the dresses and all things really! Great finds!