Sunday, January 24, 2010

to don't list!

Here is my 'To Don't List'...I made it for myself a couple of weeks ago in the halfhearted hopes that writing down things I wasn't "allowed" to do would make me not do them...ha.

To Don't List
- no ship's store
- no vending machines (hershey's with almonds...oops)
- no cookies
- no more salt (my soup was too bland! wtf!)
- no more buying makeup
- no more buying shoes
- no more eBay
- no more Facebook when there are things to do on to do list! (note to self...facebook should not be my home page)
- no more than 1350 cal./day
- no more eating while reading (does blogging count?)
- no extra cheese
- no eating after late watches
- no more bagels
- no seconds or double servings
- no eating things without writing them down
- no more eating when not actually hungry (what if i was hungry later and mad that i didn't eat when they were serving dinner?!)

everything dark blue...well, that means i already did it today, despite the hardcore black and white seriousness of my list in my notebook.  i think i need cute is this dress?? how about if i follow all of these things for an entire WEEK i get it? 

or i could go with contrast for accessories instead: to don't list starts tomorrow! haha...

as a reminder, 20% of the net profits of all purchases made through my Independent Stylist Stella + Dot site will be donated to Haiti Relief Efforts via:

Also, i have decided one of my goals for this summer? 
to get a boyfriend.
 ..bahaha i will keep you updated with my progress.  being gone for 7 months could be horrible (everyone's forgotten about me!) or great (everyone likes a new addition to the landscape, hehe).


jean hsu said...

i cant see your to dont list!!!

anyways - thank you so much for the sweet comments!!!! no i havent submitted any of my stuff to ANY food magazines that something that people can just do??? ive always wanted to write about food/travel for a living.

also - 4 days without sweets has NOT made me disappear any more thus far. mainly isn't a sweet? and a taco salad isn't a sweet? but hey - baby steps!!! :o)

i didnt know you were a stella and dot rep! thats awesome!!! i think their stuff is so much fun - i'll def buy thru your site next time :o)

and congrats about your new job as public relations officer!!!! xx

Tracey said...

I completely agree with the writing down everything you eat thing! Operation Weight Watchers is going really well... it helps to see on paper everything I put into my mouth, and definitely helps to deter an excess eating.

Good luck with your reaching your goal!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Hey Alanna! I've received your comments on my blog and wanted to see if you could email me? Since you're in the military and a lot of my blog/tweet friends are HUGE supporters of you all, I'm sure we could come up with a few books to send your way for you and your girls! (at no cost - this would be on us)!! Email me please! and I'll see what we can do! Have you read Social Climbers yet? If not, I'll be sure to include it!

Dollface said...

Thank you for the sweet comment!! hope to read more of your blog as well, xxxoo

Peachy Keen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Both you and your blog are absolutely adorable and excited to start reading!

That dress is gorgeous and a wonderful "don't list" reward!

Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking said...

I LOVE the idea of a "To Don't list!" Very cute, and clever. I'm going to have to make one of those :)