Sunday, September 16, 2012

you know that lace is sex incarnate, right?

battenburg lace is what any southern girl with good intentions and poor execution needs to redeem herself after a successful friday/saturday/tuesday night full of embarassing random flirt sessions/wearing last night's makeup to brunch/meeting your boyfriend's mom with only a dry shampoo shower.

my reward for the first step in operation maximum potential?
battenburg lace everything, courtesy of abercrombie summer sale 2012 
(yes, i know i'm 26 and too old to be wearing abercrombie, but face it - if you recognize where any of this is from when it's on, it's because you were shopping the a&f summer sale too).
it whispers quietly (and we all know that sometimes works better than screaming), 'i'm so delicate, youthful and pretty - i can plan a dinner party for twenty at a moment's notice and wouldn't think of leaving the house without my hair and makeup done and i would absolutely never make out with someone i just met...treat me like a china doll and buy me drinks and look past my foul mouth and penchant for dirty jokes.'

are these not some of the most beautiful things you've ever seen?  i only hope they look as innocently sexy on as they do in my plans.  

so what did i do to deserve this wealth of generosity from myself to myself?  i moved my laptop off my bed and onto my desk.  you don't think it's a big deal?  i live in my bed when i'm at home.  first thing i used to do when i got home was prep something for dinner, turn my laptop on and sit on my bed.  i ate dinner, screwed around on the computer for an hour or two, ate something else (all sitting in bed), and thought about being productive.  usually i'd think about it for long enough that i'd decide to eat a good night snack and then eventually, finally, try to fall asleep, hours after i originally could have.

no more. 

now, if i want to use my computer, i have to be out of my bed, and at my desk - double whammy, because in order to make room on my desk, i had to clean it off and go through even more old mail, which was finally easy to do because i knew that the revolting stack of envelopes sitting there obscenely mocking my fear of finance no longer held any weight.  similarly, i would have nothing to do if i sat on my bed eating dinner - i don't have cable so if i'm not actively watching a show on my Roku, mindless snacking isn't really appealing.  

the power of habit strikes again, except now my cue (to relax because i'm burned out from a long day at work) will be followed by a routine that is not food/laptop focused.  and either way, a few hours later, the reward of being wound down enough to fall asleep will be well within my grasp!!

certainly a legitimate reason to spend $350, right?

fine. maybe i'll focus on finance next.


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Mrs in Training said...

COMPLETELY legitimate reason! Love those tops!