Thursday, September 20, 2012

diamonds and do-goods

so, OMP is supposed to be about success and fulfillment - meeting God's plan and working to my actual maximum potential, right?
paying off all my bills really seemed like a great start (keep in mind, in the interest of full disclosure, that i still have credit-card debt and a gigantic mortgage).  unfortunately, i may or may not have been a little too enthusiastic in my leap into stress-less living.  since september 1, i have spent over $2600 paying off bills - the same ones for which i paid over $580 in late fees.  this means that right now, i'm dipping into my rainy day fund and using my credit cards again, all in the interest of living a someone normal [social] life.  seems counterproductive, right?  
not quite.
i feel like the money i've been spending since this life decision has been productive money.  not on late fees, not on parking tickets, but on nice, good things that are reasonably priced and further my life/career/OMP.  for example, i just got these adorable Steve Maddens for less than $30 at Nordstrom Rack (thank goodness for having big [huge] feet and always having a great selection).  obviously no one sent them the memo that it's endless summer in SD and cork is always in style. 
these would be a poor decision if they were like any other shoe in my closet, (i own multiple pairs of the same classic nude pumps, black peeptoes and sam edelman flats for fear of destroying them before i don't like the style anymore), but they aren't.  i don't wear a lot of red so these will be easy to match with black and nudes and will add a punch to my outfit, and at a literal quarter of their original price, they're not only a steal but an investment.
at least that's what i'm telling myself.
another investment i've made since going on a budget? tickets to the stayclassy awards. for only $49, the privilege/opportunity of being surrounded by philanthropy's best and brightest:
"The red-carpet CLASSY Awards Ceremony is the most impactful and inspirational event in the country, bringing together philanthropic celebrities, social leaders and the next generation of philanthropists to celebrate as the 16 National CLASSY Awards Winners are announced live on stage. The CLASSY Awards provides a platform to celebrate and share the success stories of thousands of nonprofit organizations, raising awareness that materializes in increased donations, volunteer recruitment and support."
how cool is that?  eventually i'll be getting out of the military, looking for a 'real' job and continuing to try to make a positive impact on the world.  what better way to pay forward the blessings God has given me than to become involved with non-profits and charities?
oh, and did i mention there's OMP-approved shopping involved? after all, it's black-tie optional ;)

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