Monday, September 1, 2008

.labor day!.

So, I finished Brilliant, and the name is perfectly accurate - loved it! I loved every single bit of it and I am very happy having read it.
Unfortunately, I also finished Restless Virgins. I haven't been so bored by a book in a long time, but unlike most books, I couldn't find the heart to put it down. It tried so hard to be scintillating and gossipy, but instead it pretty much epitomized wordy and desperate. I definitely wouldn't recommend it.

Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, on the other hand, is back to great. Not surprising, given that Marian Keyes has a successful mountain of books, and besides - IT'S SET IN ENGLAND! It's a hefty 600 pages, and I'm only about 1/3 of the way through, and I just love it! Even though I've resisted picking up her other books (Sushi for Beginners has been all over the place recently), I'm really glad I saw this one at the library.

Today I'm trying to find a date to go see The House Bunny, that funny movie with Anna Faris and the sorority girls? But it's kind of difficult to find a person who isn't interested in getting drunk today! Including, but not limited to C and his friend who is staying with us (yes, the same friend who has been staying with us for months).

The question is, should I get drunk today? Now they're trying to convince me to go to the casino with them and nobody can go to the casino in the middle of the day sober!

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suburban prep said...

I am glad that you enjoyed this book. So many people said they liked it in conversation so I too read it. It was a good read.