Monday, August 25, 2008

summer lovin'!

so exciting to be 22! c and i had such a bomb time...first, my birthday present (a week early) - close your eyes, preppy readers...a pink heart tattoo! I'll make sure to get a picture up soon, but it's just an outline, and it's smaller then my fingernail. Teeny, as tattoos go! My parents were sweet enough to treat me to a piano keyboard! I've been lusting after one ever since my little sister got one as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. they also sent me the most exciting gift ever - EDIBLE ARRANGEMENTS! enough said, right? We proceeded to Peohe's in Coronado for delicious, and check out the view!

evidently, i have another gift waiting at our old apartment, too. how sweet of the new resident - she facebook'ed me to let me know that we had mail waiting there :)

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The Bona Fide Preppy Bride said...

My fiance grew up in Coronado! Peohe's is great... LOVE their coconut crunchy shrimp!! Happy belated birthday:)