Friday, August 29, 2008

.the library.

I love a good book! I especially love books by British authors - when they call the Moms Mums instead, it always makes me so excited! Kind of like when the little kids in the "Charlie bit me" video say Charlie, it's infinitely cuter because it's in a British accent? Anyways, I walked over to the library two days ago, and here's what's in my current arsenal:

I'm actually in the middle of Slummy Mummy right now (after all the Yummy Mummys whose blogs through which I live vicariously) - very cute so far, very British, and it involves both Yummy Mummys and Alpha Mums! I'll make sure to post a review when I'm done-so far it's a good beach read, but I'm not sure I'll feel any more intelligent having read it.
On the homefront, it is LABOR DAY WEEKEND! And I haven't got work today, so its' started out very nicely - unfortunately, I took someone's work on Sunday (without realizing that it was Labor Day weekend when I agreed to it months ago - she is definitely getting stuck with it if I have to work over Thanksgiving). Kind of sucks because...
C's friend from back in his military days is having a bachelor party in Mexico this weekend, and while C has decided not to go (with no pressure from me, swear - no seriously, I swear), the soon-to-be-groom will be stopping by our apartment on Sunday night on his way back into America. This means that I will not be here on Sunday night, and the potential for an end-of-bachelor-party-weekend fiasco is relatively high. Not sure how much I like this idea. Besides that, a ton of C's friends are having keggers on Sunday, and while I don't really care whether he goes to parties or not without me, I do worry because I like to be there to supervise when he drinks-he has a tendency to let his mouth run, and his friends encourage it when I'm not there. Then again, I'm usually the reason he's pissed at some guy, so maybe my absence would be a good thing?
I'll make sure to be back with book reviews! Have an amazing Labor Day weekend!

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Erica said...

Didn't like Slummy Mummy. Try reading Jane Green books: "The other woman" "swapping lives" were great. Also Emily Griffin (or Griffith...can't remember) is good BritLit.