Wednesday, November 3, 2010

halloween and cashmere

Halloween was, of course, fun.  Friday night we went bowling downtown for a friend of a friend's surprise party.  We went to a large party at the VFW (it was just as classy as it sounds) on Saturday night and then I Lilly'ed on Sunday, so Trip and I went to see that Katherine Heigl/Josh Duhamel movie - 'life as we know it', I believe.  It was pretty good!  Definitely a romantic comedy, so pretty predictable, but very heartwarming :)  It's our 6 month anniversary on Sunday but I have duty, so we have a busy/romantic Saturday planned!  Yay!
Halloween: Me, Becky and Christina as german beer girls
Today, I decided to replace my windshield wiper blades as I haven't had any in months (fortunately, in San Diego, you can do that...not bragging, just saying.  okay, I am bragging.  it's 88 and sunny today, Nov. 3...of course, McDonalds is more expensive than anywhere in the country and it costs 11.25 to see a movie, so I think I'm paying for all this sunshine somehow...).  Anyways, unfortunately, while I could remove the old blades, I cannot figure out how to put the new ones on.  Score: Wiperblades: 1, Alanna: 0.  Hopefully it doesn't decide to start raining :/

As a shocking aside, I have not lost any weight and am still hovering around that stupid effing 150 mark I've been hovering around for months.  I don't want to be content with it but Trip is a foodie too and we are always going new places and ordering amazing things...Bloody Mary brunch at Crabcatcher's and then dinner at the Melting Pot is sure not to help my case on Saturday - but at least we are going kayaking in La Jolla Cove beforehand!

I'm totally crushing on this Lilly Pulitzer Katherine cashmere cableknit sweater for this winter (we got samples in the store before resort came out and it's delightfully long with a fairly deep v-neck so I really liked it).  The sample was in lavender and I loved it, so I know I'll be getting that one.  Unfortunately, they also have three shades of blue and I don't know which I want - turquoise, skye blue, or shorely blue!  Halp!!

Lavender - already definitely getting's almost like periwinkle, so pretty!

From left to right: Turquoise, Shorely Blue, Skye Blue

How am I supposed to choose?!  
I'm also considering getting a Babs...our manager, Sami, has one in black, and she wears it tossed over her shoulder and it looks so elegant!  You know me though...I'd go for this one:

and the most important thing I've done recently? 
I cut up one of my credit cards! 
Wooo, on the road to debt free living!


Jessica said...

the VFW is always a classy joint. we party like rockstars at the one in town.

love the sweaters! they look nice and cozy :)


Mrs. Dawkter said...

Jealous of your warm weather!

Lindsey said...

You gals look so cute!!

Miss Caitlin S. said...

I love the Babs too! I think they glam up any outfit instantly. Love the German beer girl costume, always a fabulous girl go-to outfit. You and your friends all have amazing hair!! Sorry about the weight loss thing, due to being sick with bronchitis my doctor told me not to work out for two weeks and I'm feeling kinda blah and eating more as well, it's hard!

Glitterista said...

Love the Katherine sweater! Great choice with the lavender. ;)

Pink Champagne said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on the wedding, doll! Love ALL of those sweaters! :)

Beth Dunn said...

I have that last sweater and it rocks! you can tie it and then loop it over your neck and it looks so awesome