Monday, June 1, 2009

the only reason i'm a little sad... because if i actually had a boyfriend, I could buy him this: What Every Man Should Know ... as I put on my facebook status, dear every exbf i've ever had, if we were still together i would buy you this [the book] and we would probably still be together...except for chad, obviously. ♥ your exgf.

the current male status is as to be expected, that being that i spent a solid two week period hanging out with two boys with the same name spelled differently (and it is a very uncommon name, so it was kind of entertaining), but one has recently left for deployment. the other one, la jolla boy of previous posts, is in a unique situation...tell me what you think:

day 1 (fri): la jolla boy and i meet, exchange numbers, ljb invites me + friends to a party they're having the next day.
day 2 (sat): go to party. bff's becky and christina both come. c leaves early after meeting friend of ljb, JJ. after c's departure, JJ puts his arm around me while i'm standing next to ljb, leading ljb to shake his head and walk away, and me to tell JJ that i'm not interested. weird point #1 - they all know we're at that party because ljb invited me + friends. strange that his friend would try and swoop. figure friend is a skeeze, move on. rectify things with ljb, tell JJ that it's not him, it's just that he and C had hit it off and i don't want to mess with that.
week later (fri): hang out with LJB, all goes well.
day 4 (sun): c + i meet up with LJB & his friends for sunday funday, get embarassingly drunk. ljb's friend III decides to tell christina that he is absolutely so into her, and she shouldn't keep talking to JJ and instead should date him and become his girlfriend etc. christina denies proposal, obviously because she'd been talking to JJ.
above is weird point #2. another example of one of them trying to skeeze another's girl.
five days later (fri): find out ljb didn't call for a week due to something embarassing i said on sunday, forgive him because it was pretty rude. hang out, goes well, like him again, he invites us to party the next day.
day 6 (sat): don't go to party because have other plans, don't end up hanging out with him because he passes out by like 4. impressive.
week later, we've both been missing each other due to business obligations and so now we're up to date with this past saturday (a week and a couple days ago). a friend says, 'hey, a, come to this party because my friend who's throwing it's friend dm likes you.' i don't think anything of it and i'm like, 'ok', so we go. who is dm, you wonder? A CLOSE FRIEND OF LJB! who proceeds to pull a III w/ Christina and tell me about how much he likes me and wants to be my boyfriend and how ljb will never treat me very well compared to how he'd treat me, etc., etc., etc.! weird. freaking. point. #3. i thought guys didn't do this stuff to each other? it's gotten to the point where when i get back from work trip on friday, i don't even know if i'll keep hanging out with ljb, because this whole thing with his friends all trying to skeeze on each other's girls is just too weird for comfort! especially because i get an email from my old roommate, allibar, telling me that III has facebook messaged her and asked her to hang out this week!

opinions?! doesn't this sound like some kind of weird game to you guys?


C.G. the Foodie said...

That sounds like way too much drama! Seriously who would think boys could be so dramatic LOL. I am thinking you deserve better than this silly game!

Tamela said...

I agree..some crazy drama going on around those boys. I would try to avoid it at all costs or you could end up getting hurt. So not worth it.

jean hsu said...

so soooo weird. i have never heard guys dig on other guys before like that!!!! they are almost as catty as girls. u must rly be something to make them work so hard!! ;o)

ps - thx for the comments, sweetie. they keep me goin!!!!

RCaitlin said...

Wow boys are so weird. Oddly enough I have had a similar situation. Basically, when guys act like back stabbing catty girl RUN. They are immature. Like your blog though!