Wednesday, February 16, 2011

lilly pulitzer spring 2011...i. DIE!!

oh lordy...
officially cannot wait for summer.  
blossom dress printed, $178

dolly dress embroidered, $268

emma dress eyelet, $268

jacqueline dress embroidered, $268

jacqueline dress novelty lace, $268

keetan dress printed, $198

shauna dress embroidered, $278

teresa dress eyelet, $398

tiernan dress printed, $298
I KNOW.  you don't have to tell me, you're dying, too.  
it may be february, but i'm quickly approaching spring fever!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

short summer know you love!!

so obviously, it's the dead of winter in Newport, R.I., and I should be studying.
instead, i've been clued into the fact that Abercrombie has some pretty darn cute summer dresses out!
i mention it to a friend, and she says, "who shops at Abercrombie anymore?"
obviously, i remind her that i do.
and that she quite recently made a comment on a facebook photo deMANDing to borrow a dress (which, clearly, she didn't know was Abercrombie).
i rest my case.
that being said, i clearly have no problem heading over to Abercrombie's less-popular, lesser known little sister: Hollister.
and, as per usual, i fall in love:

here's where you see my economical craftiness - look @ their big sisters from A + F:

now honestly, the prices are comparable - ranging from $39.50 to $68, so you know i'll probably order a majority of the dresses and ship back the ones i don't like/are too short, but for now, i just need to blog about them and covet, covet, covet!

especially because you know in newport, we're all wearing this: